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Our Senior Saints, a special and vibrant group of individuals and couples 60-plus in age, are very important to our Church family at the Winchester Church of Christ. Their collective life experiences, their wisdom, and their faithfulness make them invaluable examples for others in the congregation.

Many of our Seniors are actively involved in teaching others, whether it is teaching Bible classes or by their example of serving the Church in other ways.

Our congregation in Winchester receives so many blessings from our Senior Saints, but we also feel it is important to serve them. We focus on their physical needs by providing rides, helping with work projects or tasks. Spiritual and emotional needs are met by visits, phone calls, cards, prayers, etc.

We also provide help to our Senior Shut-Ins that cannot meet in person.

Our Senior Saints attend all of our church-wide events and are a very active group. However, we try to honor and support them with special banquets or events in their honor throughout the year. These include:

          Game Nights

          Fellowship lunches at Marvin's Restaurant

          Widows and Widowers Luncheons

          Holiday Banquets (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines)

There is always fun, laughter, and fellowship to be had!

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