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Children and Family Ministry

The Winchester Church of Christ seeks to minister to the whole family! Parents and care givers are vital in guiding our children in their spiritual journey. Therefore, we strive to partner with parents to teach our children God's love and message through Scripture, community, and practice.

We are intentional within our children and family ministry and have set three separate objectives.

          1. We strive to develop a solid foundation based on Scripture through Worship, Bible

                   classes, and service.

          2. We provide opportunities for parents and care givers to be involved, learn, and play

                   so that they can strengthen relationships with their children.

          3. We look to create a community between different families that will be sustained as

                   their children grow into their teenage years and graduate into the youth group.

Research shows that strong church relationships are essential for children to remain faithful after reaching adulthood. The time to begin developing these is now! Please join us!

Worship at 9:00 AM


On Sunday mornings, all ages gather together in the main auditorium as we praise and worship God. We love seeing families and friends model how to be in worship together, helping our children learn the songs, and say prayers. Like most of us, young children learn the best by watching us and doing it themselves!

For the children that need a little more freedom and space to move, we have a nursery and family room where parents and grandparents can be with them. These rooms are complete with changing tables, books, and toys. They are located right off the main auditorium and have a speaker so that the lesson and service can be heard.

For the very little ones, we offer a private mother's nursing room with rocking chairs and toys located down the hall in room 213. 

Bible Class

Bible Class at 10:15 AM

After worship, we break for our respective Bible School classes. We have carefully designed our Bible studies and experiences for every age. Because we know we have visual, auditory, and hands-on learners, we tailor our classes to not only study Scriptures, but also to have fun and practice what we have learned!

Newborns through two years have a nursery and toddler class where our teachers use simple, repetitive, and engaging songs, lessons, and activities to introduce them to the love of Jesus! We focus on three basic lessons:                     

                      God created you.               God loves you.                 Jesus is your friend. 

Three years through 5th grade are taught about God's purpose for our lives! We focus on scripture, community, and practice through serving others.

 Make the wise choice.     Trust God, no matter what.    Treat others the way you want to be treated. 

Community Events

Community Events

Events are planned throughout the year to build community among our children and families. We believe that the church is firmly planted in relationships and it is our responsibility to help to nurture them.

Our yearly events include:

A Family Easter Egg Hunt - In the spring, our Church family gets together for a meal, fellowship, and a fun Easter egg hunt for our children.

Family Retreats - Also in the spring, our families go to a camp site, complete with cabins (usually Camp Ney-A-Ti in Alabama) for a super fun weekend together! We have devotionals, group games, activities, and crafts so that we can build community and friendships, as well as praise God for all He has done!

Vacation Bible School - Every summer, the adults and children in the Franklin County community gather together to learn more about God's Word through interactive learning, dynamic skits, engaging Bible classes, and creative crafts that the children get to take home. VBS is a big undertaking that involves volunteers from our whole congregation to help teach classes, prepare meals, and decorate the whole building so that our VBS is an immersive experience!

Fall Festival/Trunk or Treat - October brings the autumn season and we come together as a Church family to participate in a fun fall gathering!

Christmas Caroling - A few days before Christmas, our families gather together to go Christmas caroling to many of the local nursing homes and to our elderly members. This event is great fun and provides encouragement to both those who go and those who receive.

Service Events - Throughout the year, we have special events that provide the opportunity to look outside of ourselves, to grow, and to serve others. Sometimes these include writing cards for people who need encouragement, help with lawn care for our shut-ins, and provide food for our church food pantry.

Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement

Our parents can be involved by volunteering as teachers and teaching assistants in our Bible classes, participating in our community events, and showing our children that a relationship with Jesus is a real and dynamic thing!

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