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This is only a brief history of the Church in Winchester. To read our history in its entirety, 

Long before the first church of Christ building was located on the corner of Jefferson Street and Third Avenue North, many traveling ministers of the church of Christ would stop in Winchester and conduct services at the Courthouse or in a private home.

As the number increased they began meeting for worship in the Robert Donnell Schoolhouse. This was located on the lot where the Alexander homestead now stands at 111 North Cedar Street in Winchester.

In 1881, land was purchased and in 1885 an adjoining lot was given to the church.  In 1886, the church building was erected on the corner of North Jefferson and Third Avenue North.

In 1894, this building burned and another church was built on the corner of North High and Second Avenue North.  The congregation steadily increased in number, faith and dedication.  Plans to expand were made by an additional purchase of land in 1920.

In 1962, land was purchased on South College Street to erect a new building.  Our new building was erected and the first service was held on July 4, 1965.  There were 368 in Sunday School on this date.  Additional classrooms were necessary and a wing was added in 1973, making possible four additional classrooms on the main floor and a fellowship area in the basement.  A new addition completed in 1985 added a new wing to the auditorium, three classrooms and a foyer was enlarged.  In the late 1980’s, additional property was purchased adjacent to the church building.

In 2004, an addition to our building was completed.  Many uses of this addition includes pre-school, Bible classes, offices, fellowship, VBS activities, community activities, social events and recreational activities for all ages.  An addition of this magnitude was made possible by the generosity of James and Ruby Vanzant who bequeathed a large sum of money to the church. (Although they did not seek recognition for their generosity it was proposed that this addition be named Vanzant Center.)

The Winchester Christian Academy was opened in 2007.  Because of its successful beginning, the school added a two year old class in 2008.  A major addition to the school was made in 2013 with classes now going through the fifth grade.

There have been many dedicated men and women that have served as elders, deacons, ministers, teachers, song leaders, secretaries and custodians.

The Winchester church has supported evangelism and mission work here and in other areas.

Many of our members go about doing good works.  Our mission remains the same as when the first church met in Winchester; TO SEEK AND SAVE THE LOST. 

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